TackleBox in Microsoft Teams

We are excited to announce that TackleBox for Microsoft Teams is now available!

Now our users can combine the automation, insights, and presentation capabilities of TackleBox with the collaboration and productivity features of Microsoft Teams.

We have seen an explosion in Microsoft Teams adoption by our clients over the past several months. And it is easy to see why. Microsoft Teams is perhaps the most powerful collaboration tool in the market, is fully integrated with Microsoft 365, and provides a one-stop-shop for business teams to work together.

With TackleBox for Microsoft Teams, you no longer need to open a browser to harness the power of TackleBox to automate presentations, create real-time dashboards, and analyze changes to your Excel analysis. And with the TackleBox Teams Connector (coming soon!), you can feed comments and notifications directly into your channel’s posts, allowing you to monitor TackleBox activity while also participating in on other channel-related conversations and activity.

Adding TackleBox to your Microsoft Teams is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Click on "Apps" in the navigation panel and search for "TackleBox." Click on the TackleBox option.
Microsoft Teams search apps
2. Choose to add TackleBox as a personal app ("Add") or to a team and channel.
Microsoft Teams Manifest
3. For a team app, choose a team and channel to add TackleBox.
Microsoft Teams Choose Team and Channel
4. Choose a default Workspace and Project for your TackleBox tab.
Microsoft Teams TackleBox Choose Workspace and Project

Our Microsoft Teams TackleBox application is another way that Tacklebox tightly integrates with Microsoft 365, creating a seamless and connected experience as you work in Microsoft Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, Power BI, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

More about TackleBox:

TackleBox provides automated linking from Excel to PowerPoint, live Excel and Power BI dashboards, Version Deep Diver to analyze Excel version history and track changes, and more. See how much time your team can save with TackleBox! Contact us to schedule a personalized demo and check out our pricing page to learn about our plans. Get started with a free trial today!

Interested in partnering with TackleBox? Check out our partner information page and drop us a line.

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