Excel track changes

Why does an Excel chart look different today than it did yesterday?  With TackleBox, you’ll always know the answer. Our Version Deep Diver feature empowers you to easily compare Excel content across any two file versions and zoom in with precision on exactly what changed.

TackleBox seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft 365 shared files (Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive). Link an Excel file to TackleBox and our proprietary engine immediately revs up to start tracking changes at a visual level (e.g. charts, tables, and name ranges). Whenever your Excel file changes, we detect the update and check whether it impacts your visuals. This is where the power of Version Deep Diver comes in.

With Version Deep Diver, you can select two versions of a file and compare all the visuals that have changed. Furthermore, you can drill down into a specific change to immediately identify which updated cells and formulae caused the change.

Imagine performing the same exercise without TackleBox:  First you would have to open multiple file versions, then scan side-by-side for changes; finally, you would have to manually trace back through the formulas to try to spot the difference. What a time-consuming nightmare!

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